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Yemen Sidr Honey Royal Quality (Maliky) from Daw'an in Hadramawt. Yemen's Gold on

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This website is presented to you buy Wâdî Shibâm For Yemeny Honey, specialised in the sales or wholesales of Yemen Sidr Honey and others kinds of honeys.
You will discover uniques savors!
For Ethiopia with her famous black seed oil called "Habachia" witch is High Quality crtified and have the originality to be pressed by or society!
And of course from Yemen with his honey 's products, like the Yemen Sumur Honey, the Yemen White Honey, and the famous Yemen Sidr Honey 1st quality but in all exclusivity the Yemen Sidr Honey Royal Quality "Sidr Maliky" from Daw'an in Hadramawt.

We give you the best in term of quality.
After expertise of differents samples of Yemen Sidr Honey, from trusty productors, we choose in the first time some of the samples for analyses what, by experience, and with the help of some testing devices, we know and consider as high quality honey.
The choosen samples are after that tested and analysed in laboratory for determine witch one is reveling itself as the best. Because it's not strange that, after the results, we have to change of productor because it is not guaranted that the same productor have every year the best harvest.
So, we are proud of the quality of our products, witch are not only choosen and guaranted only by our experience but also authentified by analyses in laboratory.

We hope that you will be or stay seducted by the excellence of the quality of our products.

The Team

New products availables

New for 2014, you will now be able to discover with the Yemen Sidr Honey Royal Quality, the Yemen Sidr Honey 1st Quality, the Yemen Sumur Honey, The Yemen White Honey and the Black Seed Oil from Ethiopia. All this on unmatchables prices!!

Healing by honey

Allâh The All Mighty said in The Holy Qur'ân: ''And your Lord inspired to the bee, "Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and [in] that which they construct.
Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down [for you]." There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.'' (Surat 19 ''The bee) Verses 68-69)

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